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There are multiple considerations a trader needs to make before entering into this industry. One thing which matters a lot is Experience. But it will not count if the characteristics of your selected trading platform will not meet the expectations. By EOD, any trader gets in with the hope of making money. Moreover, it means risking the setting up of events like – security beaches. Further, it has followed millions & billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency assets disappearing.

A study of BitWise says that an extensive range of factors afflicts the cryptocurrency scene. It mainly includes security features, liquidity problems, insufficient customer support, high withdrawal fees, etc. Apart from this, they have shown the majority of the crypto exchange platforms were greatly expanding their trading volumes via wash trading.

What Is The Orion Protocol?

The ‘Orion Protocol’ solves all these problems and improves user experience. At the center, Orion is a ‘Liquidity Aggregation Protocol’ and advertising itself as a grand gateway to the cryptocurrency market. It’s a place where a trader may trustfully trade across all the chains, as they allow Omni-Exchange Accessibility & crucially liquidity. This Orion Protocol guides you towards the most remarkable features as a tailored brokerage platform for the easiness of the traders. 

Furthermore, the flexibility & resourcefulness for the algo developers is retained low. Along with this, the Orion Protocol is a supported blockchain platform that synchronizes the best characteristics of typical crypto exchange platforms, brokers, & instant trading apps. As such, the Orion Protocol solves the most critical protocols in the appearing decentralized finance (DeFi) space by amassing liquidity from the crypto market in a secure, decentralized, easy to use platform. 

From its whitepaper, Orion Protocol says that their platform is made around throughout the mainstream crypto exchange platforms – centralized & decentralized, for the best-possible rate discovery. Inordinately, this enhances the users’ Experience. Still, Orion Protocol goes a step ahead, and on top of this, it has high-level security, is highly flexible, highly reliable, and is attractive for all traders. 

Orion Protocol will be operational from 3 blockchains – Elrond, Holochainm & Wanchain. This way, a user, irrespective of his allegiance, may benefit from all the technical advantages available on the offer. Further, it creates a network effect of correlating crypto communities. The prime characteristics of the Orion Protocol are:

  • A Liquidity Collector – It’s an order-matching engine specially designed to supply the best to the traders who are seeking nadir spreads & immediate execution. By directing the liquidity from various exchanges, the investor experiences the best spreads.
  • An Internal Rate Matching Machine – The Orion Protocol DEX-once the no. of investors will match the rates on a P2P basis. Eventually, the platform will be disconnected from Third Parties.
  • A Non-Guardian Wallet is translating it to more enhanced security.

Eventually, the Orion Protocol aims to make a joined platform that joins blockchains & exchanges through its entrusted Proof of Broker, of which the ORN token benefit is fundamental. Along with the end-user on center, the aim is to create an inter-link between different blockchain platforms and enhance the liquidity for the best trading experience. Presently, the Orion Protocol is offering the following products:

Orion Products Pic - 1

  • A Trading Terminal – It’s a place where investors & traders may search for the top spot prices.
  • A portfolio management app for extensive asset performance tracking & following re-balance.
  • A dApp store is where the trader may purchase the Orion-based items & signals from delf-relient developers.
  • An undertaking trade is a platform where the partner companies may link with their applications & products. 
  • The Liquidity Boost Plugins also give an immediate entry to the volume & liquidity of all the exchange platforms in the market.

Orion Products Pic - 2

  • A DEX Launcher from where you can DEXs may be launched & liquidity taken from the Orion Ecosystem.

The Team

Combined, the Team is composed of 6 core members & 7 advisors who are as following:

  • Alexey Koloskov – He is the CEO and is responsible for the growth of the front-end & back-end of the Orion Protocol. Before reaching here, he has worked for Waves and has been a part of a team that made its DEX.
  • Yanush Ali – He is the Chief Strategic Officer and is the founder member of Next Block Group. It’s an investment platform that is focusing on the relationship between established enterprises and decentralized base-layer protocols.
  • Timothea Horwell – He is a Chief Marketing Officer and has worked as the Head of Research & Marketing at Telefonica.
  • Nail Fakhrutdinov – He is the Lead Back-End Developer.

Here are some of the Advisors in the Team:

  • David Atkinson – He is the core mastermind at Holo
  • Matt Jones – He’s the Clientele Partner at Accenture
  • Brad Townsend – He is the institutor of Latitude Services
  • Oliver Birch – He’s the VP of Communication & Growth at Wanchain

ORN Tokenomics & Distribution

ORN is the blockchain’s ERC – 20 token has it’s roots deep in the Orion Protocol’s extensive Protocol. The token is utilized for:

  • Discounted Trading
  • Access to Modern Features
  • Prime Access for Token Holders
  • Used to perform payments in the blockchain’s dApp Marketplace
  • High Staking Returns

When the token sale was scheduled in the 2nd week of July 2020, it marked for the 1st time when a DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering) by DAO Maker was employed in a Public Token Sale.

Image of Orion Protocol

In this arrangement, each & every ORN Token bought will be backed by the US Dollars for nearly up to 2 years 4 months after TGE (Token Generation Event). At this time, the token’s circulating supply in the market cannot increase. Also, the Project Development is held responsible if the investor isn’t satisfied with the performance. For this, the platform can penalize the Team, opt them out, and can get refunded. 

Further, the Team plans to refund 80% of the total funds raised to DYCO participants. Additionally, the Team follows a plan to raise between 690k US Dollars to 3.45 Million US Dollars via private & public sales. In July 2020, the coins were initially sold at about 0.10 USD Dollars in the Token Sale and supplied a total cap of sound 100 Million US Dollars. But the traders from the United States cannot participate in this token sale.

The Orion Protocol is distributing the ORN Tokens as the following:

Image of Orion Protocols

  • 45 Million US Dollars are available for Public Investors
  • 24 Million US Dollars are available for Orion Foundation
  • 12 Million US Dollars are available for the Team
  • 06 Million US Dollars are available for advisors & partners

The commencing circulating supply of Orion Protocol of 6.15 Million US Dollars.

Short Term Catalysts

  • The Team has very long experience, and the CEO has built a successful DEX as a part of the Waves Blockchain Team. Besides this, even the Team has experience in marketing lead, especially tagging the Experience from Telefonica.
  • Although at the initial stage, the Orion Protocol has collaborated with the established projects. Also, their deal with Certik ensures a Smart Contract Security.
  • ORN has a secured supply, but it is engaging a diminishing supply along with unrivaled token utility via refund opportunities. Moreover, it is planning to pull out ORN Tokens from circulation. The rarer the token will become, the more valuable it will become.
  • The successful inauguration of the personnel Mainnet in Q3 2020 and the timely release of The Orion Enterprise Trade Widget will be a net+ for ORN Price. Presently, the Orbit TestNet is the 2nd of testing $10,000 USDT Bug Bounty Program for the most complex bugs.
  • With a grand launch of the Orion Protocol, there’s a convenience, and the trader need not jump one from one exchange to another.
  • There are hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs available with deep liquidity.
  • Currently, BitMEX is already in its inaugural broker. It’s among the initial market makers, crypto exchanges, & OTC Desks. The DeFi Platform Plans to inscribe.

Long Term Catalysts

  • Instant demand for ORN Tokens may arise once the Protocol deploys liquidity aggregation & DeFi Products in the Elrond Network. In their statement, officials said they would focus on the Orion Terminal, MetaMask Integration, & Ethereum Bridge.
  • Traders have complete control over their wallets, and from a solitary exchange, they can purchase the products from the ORN Powered Ecosystem. The more traders there will be, the higher the demand will be. Furthermore, it translates into higher prices.
  • With the elevating popularity of DEXs, the Orion DEX Kit compels it possible for individuals & firms to establish DEXs at different blockchains with guaranteed access to sky-high liquidity from Orion’s System. Trader can also pay the fee for the listing in ORN Token and so, will be trading fees.
  • The Team is building 13 different revenue streams as the ORN is well-established and the products’ hub.

Wrapping Up

When a trader enters into this industry, he needs to make a lot of considerations. In this, Experience is among the most crucial components. But it doesn’t matter if the features of your chosen trading platform don’t meet your expectations. It is mainly because by the End of the Day; it’s all about the profits. And that’s why Orion Protocol has come into the market to solve all these difficulties & give the traders a better experience. 

Orion Protocol is the Crypto Exchange Platform where you can trade the majority of the cryptocurrencies, including its crypto coin – ORN. Furthermore, this Crypto Exchange Platform is highly flexible & resourceful for all Agro Developers. The pure characteristics of Orion Protocols are that it’s a liquidity collector and an Internal Rate Matching Machine. Apart from these, it’s also a trading terminal where investors may search for the top spot prices.

The Team of Orion Protocol includes Mr. Alexey Koloskov, Mr. Yanush Ali, Mr. Timothea Horwell, and Mr. Nail Fakhrutdinov. In addition to this, its Team of advisors includes Mr. David Atkinson, Mr. Matt Jones, Mr. Brad Townsend, & Mr. Oliver Birch. Moreover, through ORN Tokenomics & Distribution, you can use the token for discounted trading, get access to modern features, and have prime access for the token holders. 

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