9 Best Medium Cap Coins To Invest

After writing our Best Large Cap Coins To Invest, here  In this article, the nine best medium cap coins have been uncovered along with the reasons why you should invest in them. The medium cap coins are the ones that have market capitalization value in the range of roughly $60 million to 350 million.

The nine coins that we are going to discuss in this article are –

1. KNC


The Kyber Network Krystal (KNC) token has emerged from Kyber Network. It is a utility token that acts as a bridge to connect the different members in Kyber’s ecosystem. Members holding the KNC tokens can use their tokens in the KyberDAO for governing the platform and earning stake rewards in ETH.

Top Reasons to Invest in KNC

  • The 70% of Swap fee KNC tokens gets burned (Remove in circulation entirely). This means that the total supply of KNC tokens will keep on falling. As more tokens get burned, the supply reduces.
  • Those who hold KNC tokens can now participate in the KyberDAO and earn staking rewards in ethereum.
  • Kyber Network is one of the first platforms that allows instant swapping of tokens without any involvement of a third-party.
  • Kyber Network has a developer-friendly architecture which makes it possible to easily integrate the platform with applications


2. AVA


AVA is a Binance Chain-based native cryptocurrency of Travala.com made to fulfill multiple purposes like payments, loyalty rewards, givebacks, discount activations, and much more. Travala.com has a talented team of professionals sharing diverse backgrounds such as Fintech, travel, and blockchain. The goal of the organization is to merge travel booking with the decentralized technology ecosystem among many other goals such as – promotion of accessibility, the offering of censorship-resistant and P2P transactions, and the development of open-source technology for the benefit of the travel industry.

Top Reasons to Invest in AVA

  • Travala.com has been successful in offering more than 2 million hotels and accommodations across 230 countries at affordable prices compared to core travel booking portals.
  • The AVA coin shall become more valuable in the future because according to the latest whitepaper from Travala.com, the AVA repurchasing plan shall be held every quarter until 21,571,086 AVA are permanently incinerated.
  • Travala.com is the exclusive platform that offers cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking. This puts AVA into the spotlight.



3. INJ


The injective protocol can be understood as the first layer-2 DEX that has unleashed the maximum potential of decentralized derivatives as well as borderless DeFi. The protocol makes use of a proof-of-stake (POS) model based on Tendermint to promote cross-chain derivatives trading throughout the major networks such as Ethereum, Cosmos, and much more. The native coin of the network i.e. INJ maintains an average trading volume that exceeds $37 million every day.

Top Reasons to Invest in INJ

  • Users can operate trades, spot, and future derivatives on the Injective Protocol exchange, and create their own derivatives market and trading pairs!
  • Injective Protocol was built on Cosmos, with interoperable features of inter-blockchain communication, and a token bridge between Cosmos and Ethereum. So users can trade with both Ethereum and Cosmos tokens.
  • One of the best things is that the INJ protocol is collision-resistant and also makes use of Verifiable Delay Functions (VFDs) for smooth handling of front-running.

4. LRC


LRC is another medium cap token from Loopring based on Ethereum. It is an open-source protocol designed for the development of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. LRC tokens introduced themselves in the market for the first time in August 2017 via ICO (Initial Coin Offering) whereas Loopring protocol was first introduced on ETH in December 2019. It is a great investment option to consider. Let’s check why.

Top Reasons to Invest in LRC

  • Loopring’s mission to keep the advantages of DEX while erasing off its inefficiencies through hybrid solutions is an innovative idea.
  • In New v2 tokenomics, For the first time on Ethereum, protocol fees are earned and distributed on Layer-2. This represents a significant UX improvement, as it means no wasting money (gas) and time entering staking contracts on L1, nor claiming your rewards.
  • Protocol fees are paid to 3 types of participants: a) liquidity providers, b) insurers, c) Loopring DAO, in an 80/10/10 proportion, respectively.
  • Loopring is very close to enhancing the productivity of order execution along with the liquidity of decentralized exchanges.



Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool architecture made on Ethereum that works like Automated Market Maker (AMM) for options. The users on HEGIC can utilize the intuitive interface to utilize options in the capacity of an individual holder. To trade options, the users can use MetaMask or Trust Wallet without any need for KYC, email, or registration. Also, the protocol produces the settlement fees in ETH.

Now, let’s have a look at some reasons why Hegic could be one of the best medium caps.

Top Reasons to Invest in HEGIC

  • Hegic has championed the peer-to-pool approach to options trading.
  • 1% settlement fee on hedge contracts is distributed to token holders every quarter.
  • Holder of a Hedge contract receives a 30% discount when holding tokens in their Ethereum wallet.




THORChain explains itself as an evolved decentralized liquidity network that makes it possible for the users to instantly exchange assets at a market price that are manipulation-resistant. Swaps can be easily done through cross-chain liquidity pools that are permissionless and help the users in staking the assets for earning trading fees.

Top Reasons to Invest in Rune


  • Rune is shelved at the 60th spot on the coinmarketcap.
  • THORChain has built a strong community of talented professionals who regularly contribute to the development of the network and the coin.
  • Rune also works as an incentive and penalty mechanism to ensure that nodes follow honesty in the behavior. This makes the coin a reliable investment.

7. REN


Ren is an Ethereum token that helps the open protocol of Ren in transporting crypto assets between different blockchains. It has an objective to develop interoperability amid different blockchain networks. Ren has traveled very far in terms of fulfilling its objective to expand the interoperability as well as the accessibility of decentralized finance by eliminating the obstructions in liquidity. Ren launched its virtual machine mainnet known as RenVM in May 2020.

Top Reasons to Invest in Ren

  • Ren is a sophisticated platform having multiple use cases that can tackle the barriers to enter and invest in DeFi projects.
  • RenVM is built with the help of a network of virtual machines that power the network.
  • Ren project has been successful in executing rapid transactions, maintaining robust security, and handling large volume trading with ease.
  • It is easy to integrate Ren into existing systems which unlocks a lot of growth opportunities for the native coin.




Kava is an innovative cross-chain DeFi lending platform made on Cosmos that helps the users to borrow USDX stablecoins as well as make the deposits of diverse cryptos to get started with earning. It utilizes a POS mechanism (based on Tendermint) for ensuring the network’s integrity. To make sure that the stablecoin borrowings are adequately collateralized, Kava implements a collateralized debt position (CDP).

Top Reasons to Invest in KAVA

  • The smart contracts on Kava have been audited many times by the independent blockchain as well as cryptocurrency security firms such as CertiK.
  • A wide range of cryptocurrency assets can be deposited by Kava users.
  • Crypto Lending is a hot topic now and KAVA is one safest Defi Lending Platform.
  • Kava also works as a last resort lender which means that it can work as a reserve currency for its network.
  • It is an open-source protocol which allows the developers to add considerable contributions for the development of network and coin.



The band is a cross-chain data oracle platform capable of collecting real-time data and transferring the same to the on-chain applications. It can also connect APIs to the smart-contracts for promoting the exchange of info between off-chain and on-chain data points. Band protocol has unleashed innovative use cases for the developers while supplying reputable and verifiable data to the blockchain. The band is the native token of Band protocol and is used as collateral by validators and the core medium of exchange.

Top Reasons to Invest in Band

  • It is not only faster but super-efficient than other oracle solutions competing in the market.
  • It is compatible with the majority of blockchain and smart contract development models.
  • BAND protocol has got itself listed on some notable exchanges such as Binance US, Cryptocom, Coinbase, and Huobi.
  • More validator nodes are being added in the network development phase to surge the reach of the native coin.



The nine best medium caps discussed in this article can prove to be a great addition to your investment portfolio. The points discussed can help you have a brief understanding of the token. Before making an investment, it is recommended to carefully analyze the above-shared market-performance graphs & Always follow, The Best Ways to Print Money on the Crypto Market. If you still have any doubts, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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