Are Cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin, ETH safe? Know All the Pros & Cons

Bitcoin Ether and Litecoin safe Know All the Pros & Cons - CoinGyan

Cryptocurrency has been in its boom for the past few months. This rage has only surged, especially after the public releases made by several corporate giants like Tesla, BMW, PayPal, Microsoft, Expedia, Wikipedia, etc., to accept Bitcoin as a payment form. You might not know that Square, an American payments company, has recently purchased Bitcoins … Read more

Different Types of Blockchain Consensus Mechanism Part-2

Different Types of Blockchain Consensus Mechanism - CoinGyan

Hi, guys, I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this post that was intended to enlighten you about the various cryptocurrency mechanism available in the cryptomarket. Now time to continue where I left off. Let the games begin. Proof of Activity Proof of Activity (POA) was introduced into the market in 2012 as a substitute … Read more

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