Are Cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin, ETH safe? Know All the Pros & Cons

Bitcoin Ether and Litecoin safe Know All the Pros & Cons - CoinGyan

Cryptocurrency has been in its boom for the past few months. This rage has only surged, especially after the public releases made by several corporate giants like Tesla, BMW, PayPal, Microsoft, Expedia, Wikipedia, etc., to accept Bitcoin as a payment form. You might not know that Square, an American payments company, has recently purchased Bitcoins … Read more

All You Wanted to Know About Cryptocurrencies

all about crypto

Cryptocurrency is a familiar word today, and almost everyone has heard about this virtual medium of exchange. But do you also know how it all began? What was the first cryptocurrency, and when was it launched? What are the main advantages of using cryptocurrencies as a payment method? To learn the answers to these questions … Read more

ETH Smart Contracts: How Do The Smart Contracts Work

A person named Nick Szabo who was a legal scholar and a cryptographer most probably coined the term Smart Contracts in 1994. He had realized that it was possible to leverage the power of a decentralized ledger for creating smart contracts. But the question in many minds would still be there I guess that “What … Read more

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work: An In-depth Guide

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work An In-depth Guide

A week or so ago I had written a post titled “What is Bitcoin(BTC): A beginner’s guide.” I think that it helped you guys to understand something if not a lot about bitcoin. Alright, moving forward as many if not all of you may be aware that bitcoin is a peer to peer based independent blockchain … Read more

What is Ethereum Classic(ETC): Ultimate Beginners Guide

What is Ethereum Classic(ETC) Ultimate Beginners Guide

Everyone seems to be going nuts behind cryptocurrencies. However, not a lot of people seem to be interested in learning how things actually work on the platform. Therefore at Coingyan, we are trying to help people especially beginners to the cryptocurrency world learn about cryptocurrencies in an easy, entertaining ( although I don’t get to … Read more

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