What is Bitcoin Taproot and How it will benefit Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Taproot and How it will benefit to Bitcoin - CoinGyan

While cryptocurrencies are at the boom again, one must not forget to recognize the technologies dancing behind them, such as Taproot. It is one of the most anticipated and essential upgrades coming to Bitcoin and is almost a knock away. The core objective of Taproot is to optimize the way Bitcoin’s scripts work for better … Read more

Is Bitcoin Minning Legal or Illegal

Is Bitcoin Mining Legal?

“The people’s money,” “The future of all money,” “Bank killer,” are a few among the passionate slogans that are used to refer to Bitcoin, the first stable decentralized cash system that has so far brave wild headwinds, and ominous predictions from its naysayers. The rise of Bitcoin around the world and the wider cryptocurrency universe … Read more

Proof of Work(PoW): An Indepth Beginners Guide

Coingyan: Proof of Work(PoW): An Indepth Beginners Guide

An in-depth beginners guide on Proof of Work(PoW). What the what. Is this for real. Yes, it’s. Hello everyone. Welcome to this post on Proof of Work(PoW) by Coingyan. This post is going to revolve around Bitcoin. Alright, let’s get started. What is Proof of Work(PoW) It’s the first distributed consensus mechanism that the anonymous … Read more

Cryptocurrency wallets: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Coingyan: Cryptocurrency wallets: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Congratulations, my friend, you’re finally onboard the crypto-revolution after some skepticism. How does that feel? Awesome. Right? Alright, now remember to store those crypto coins you bought in a wallet. Duh. Also, don’t forget to keep your private key all safe and secure. Otherwise, that 32 Watt smile will soon turn into a frown. Now … Read more

What is a Blockchain

What is a Blockchain by Coingyan

Blockchain is a new technology in the town that has already started to influence the way the global economy works. It is the brain behind modern-day cryptocurrencies that we see today like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Neo, Stratis, etc. which are exchanged even beyond international borders for the execution of seamless trade activities. Not just that, … Read more

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work: An In-depth Guide

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work An In-depth Guide

A week or so ago I had written a post titled “What is Bitcoin(BTC): A beginner’s guide.” I think that it helped you guys to understand something if not a lot about bitcoin. Alright, moving forward as many if not all of you may be aware that bitcoin is a peer to peer based independent blockchain … Read more

What is Bitcoin (BTC): A Beginner’s Guide

What is Bitcoin(BTC) A Beginners Guide - CoinGyan

In the past several years, One Name has created a lot of buzz around the globe is BITCOIN.  So, today is the day we learn a lot about the so-called “Bitcoin Revolution.” Let me explain to you What is Bitcoin more Clearly. What Is Bitcoin Bitcoin is a software-based cryptocurrency which allows people to send and receive money in … Read more

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported By The Ledger Hardware Wallet?

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported By The Ledger Hardware Wallet-Coingyan

When it comes to Cryptocurrency Hardware wallet, Nothing beats the popularity of Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. These are the two best product from a France based company called Ledger SAS; Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Paris, Verizon and San Francisco. If you … Read more

The Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork Everything You Want to Know

The Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork Everything You Want to Know

It has been 2 and half month since we witnessed Bitcoin Cash Fork, and we are again facing another Bitcoin hard fork. In this article, I will try to cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Bitcoin Gold hard fork and how to prepare and benefit from it by free doubling you coin holdings. Who Is Doing This … Read more

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