Sapien: A Decentralize Platform That Pays: Everything You Want to Know

Sapien SPN - Everything You Want to Know

Hello guys, Welcome Back. Today, I will write about another blockchain based decentralized social media called Sapien. I am currently using it, and it’s pretty impressive. ? What is the Sapien Platform(#SPN)? In layman’s terms: It’s an Ethereum based decentralized dApp social media that rewarding user to adding value to the platform like Posting, Commenting … Read more

What is a Blockchain

What is a Blockchain by Coingyan

Blockchain is a new technology in the town that has already started to influence the way the global economy works. It is the brain behind modern-day cryptocurrencies that we see today like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Neo, Stratis, etc. which are exchanged even beyond international borders for the execution of seamless trade activities. Not just that, … Read more

What is Zcash? A Bitcoin Based Private Centric Coin

What is Zcash? A Bitcoin Based Private Coin

Humankind has been blessed with cryptocurrencies for almost a decade now. While many have skyrocketed concerning their market capitalization, many have failed as well in delivering results. Only a few of these digital currencies have backed a punch regarding providing users a higher level of privacy and fungibility. Bitcoin had its genesis block mined in 2009 and … Read more

What is Litecoin(LTC): A Beginners Guide

What is Litecoin(LTC)- Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

Litecoin(LTC) umm what is this exactly? Hello guys. Today I would love to talk about Litecoin (LTC) also known as silver to bitcoins gold with you. So can all interested crypto enthusiasts please get on board the litecoin train. We’re going to steam ahead full speed. Everyone on board? Awesome let’s begin. What is Litecoin(LTC) Litecoin (LTC) … Read more

What is Nano (XRB) – Everything You Want to Know

Nano (XRB) is a digital currency for the real world. Therefore, in this post, my intention is to explore the Nano (XRB) cryptocurrency. What is Nano (XRB)? Before we begin exploring this cryptocurrency called Nano, I think it’s imperative to know why is it called Nano in the first place. So earlier this year on … Read more

Steemit – A Social Media That Pays, Everything You Need to Know Part 1

Steemit - A Social Media That Pays, Everything You Need to Know Part 12

New millionaires and billionaires are being made every day from cryptocurrencies. 4But while there are winners and losers, too. Nowadays, everyone is talking about cryptocurrency investments.But questions remains the same: Which currency should we invest in? What are the best new crypto-coins in town? Where do we store such coins? Here at CoinGyan, we provide you … Read more

Monetha.. PayPal of Cryptocurrency ??!!

Today, When I searching for new potential ICO, I found Monetha. So In this article, I will discuss new crypto coin Monetha. What is Monetha? According to their whitepaper, ” Monetha is creating a universal decentralized trust and reputation solution working flawlessly together with mobile payments processing on the Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart contract technology.” Put … Read more

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