Quarkchain ICO review: A Highly Scalable P2P Platform

Quarkchain ICO review: A high capacity P2P transaction system

Introduction to the coin: The Quarkchain Network (QKC Tokens) intends to offer a highly computerized sharding based blockchain architecture accompanied with the desire to meet the global commercial standard. The inspiration for the development of this technology stems from the immense amount of experience possessed by the Quarkchain team for building large-scale distributed systems within the … Read more

What is Zcash? A Bitcoin Based Private Centric Coin

What is Zcash? A Bitcoin Based Private Coin

Humankind has been blessed with cryptocurrencies for almost a decade now. While many have skyrocketed concerning their market capitalization, many have failed as well in delivering results. Only a few of these digital currencies have backed a punch regarding providing users a higher level of privacy and fungibility. Bitcoin had its genesis block mined in 2009 and … Read more

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