Steemit - A Social Media That Pays, Everything You Need to Know Part 12

In Part 1, We knew the Technical Part of Steemit. Now On this part How steem works like How to Create an account, how to blog, Upvote and all other content related things.

Create your Account

Visit Steemit and click “Sign Up” at the top right to register an account. At this time, you’ll need your email account and your phone number

You’ll need to authenticate with your Email and SMS Then it will redirect you to the Sign-Up screen.

Within 7day you will receive an email like below and ask you to setup your password

Steemit Account Approved -CoinGyan

Pick an account name (username) you’ll be happy with indefinitely because you can’t change it, Remember when I told you steem has an advantage of human-readable address here This is, Your Account Name is the receiving and sending the address on steem.

Copy your Password Securely as unlike other networks There is no forgot password options.

Congrats, Your Account is created.

How to Blog in Steemit or Publish Your Post

Login to your steemit account. You will land on feed page. Look like this

Steemit - A Social Media That Pays, Everything You Need to Know Part 2

Click on the Post button placed on the right top near to your profile image. Like this

Steemit - A Social Media That Pays, Everything You Need to Know Part 2

This editor board support githhub markdown and HTML. In below you can see the real-time preview. For adding an image you can use the image link from other site or can directly drop in the editor.

You can set your rewards types like 50/50, Powerup 100% and Decline payout. 50/50 is you will get 50% of your rewards in SBD and another half in SteemPower. If you set Powerup 100%, Then all your reward you will get will automatically add to your wallet as SteemPower and Decline payout mean no rewards as you choose to decline the payment.

What are Upvote, Voting Power, Voting Weight, and Flag

Upvote:  It is different from other social media. In steem Blockchain, every upvote has value. If you upvote someone’s post he will get some reward. Do You remember when I told you ` Power Up your steem so you can maximize your influence that will give you long-term gains` in Part 1?  In upvote, The SP works. The more your SP(Steem Power) you have the more value of your upvote is.

When you upvote someone’s post – that value is not being withdrawn from your personal account. (This is a common misunderstanding.) You’re not giving anyone anything from your personal savings or STEEM Power. Instead, your vote is actually tapping into a brand new pool of STEEM.There’s a fresh batch of STEEM produced every day, and it’s called the daily rewards pool.You are also allowed to upvote your own post. The impact of your vote also depends on your Steem Power. The total earnings will go up, but you will not get a reward from the curation cake.

75% of the total earnings of the post are paid to the author. 50% of it in Steem Power (SP) which you cannot withdraw immediately but in 13 weekly installments and 50% of Steem Dollars (SBD), which you can immediately transfer to exchange.

Voting Power: If you think you can vote unlimited time then you are wrong. In steem, There is a parameter called Voting Power.  One 100% weighted vote decreases your VP by 2% and Automatically your VP increase 0.83% per hour. Like you have upvote 2 posts with 100% weight will decrease 4% and after 288 mins you VP will be 100%. It is set like this so you can’t abuse the system.

Voting Weight: It is slider you see once you have approx 500SP. It means how much weight you want to put in your upvote. Like I see a post is good and think it should get X amount of rewards but I have more SP so if I put a 100% upvote then the reward would be more than X. There I can adjust my weight. VP will decrease according to your vote with weight. Like 1 100% weight upvote will decrease 2 % VP where 2, 25% weight vote will decrease 1% of VP.

Flag: Flag is an important chain in steemit. In Steemit interface warns that flagging a post can remove rewards and make the material less visible. It recommends some common reasons to flag:

  • Disagreement on rewards
  • Fraud or Plagiarism
  • Hate Speech or Internet Trolling
  • Intentional miscategorized content or Spam

Read More Here

What are Author Reward, Curation

Author Reward: When an author publishes a post he got some upvote. As an upvote has value an Author get rewards according to its total upvote value after 7days of published. A author got 75% of the rewards shown in the post.

Curation: Curation means upvote a post simply. But a good curator upvotes valuable post first. So in true sense curation is a job to finding and upvoting the valuable yet low rewarded post. A post’s 25% reward goes to curators, Those who curates.

What is Reputation in Steemit

The reputation has two roles:

  1. It is an indicator that shows how “trusted or appreciated by the community” you are.
  2. It is a tool that prevents a user with a low reputation to harm other users.

Here @arcange explained the Reputation very briefly. Read More Here.

What to Blog

As it is a social media platform, You can share whatever you want. But it should be your original content otherwise your post will get flags and ultimately the rewards go to 0 and You reputation also down. So never try to post copyrighted and other peoples works on steemit.

How can You get more upvotes

  • A quality post can attract more upvote thus rewards
  • Join A Community and add your contribution, They will support you and you will get upvote
  • You can use steemit bots to get upvotes, by paying some SBD

I hope you at least get some basic idea about steem Blockchain and how it works.

I hope you learned you learned how to claim your gas using Ledger Nano S. If You have any question and suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

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