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If you are active in the finance and investment space, then you must have heard of the term – Unicorn. A unicorn is a privately-owned startup that has flown above $1 billion in market valuation. You don’t get to see a unicorn every day because it is super rare for a startup to climb such a massive figure. Some of the best examples of Unicorns in the blockchain industry include – Chainlink, EOS, and BNB.

This article discussed another Unicorn in making – DAO Maker, a rising blockchain project. Although this project’s market capitalization at the time of writing this article is $132 million, the collective market capitalization of firms raised on this platform is $6.8 billion. You might be surprised again after knowing that the collective market capitalization of firms using the growth technology of DAO Maker is a whopping $16.2 billion.

So, what’s the catch here? What is DAO Maker, and how is it helping the firms move faster in this digital economy?

Let’s Begin.


What has DAO Maker got to Offer?

Bootstrapped in the year 2018, DAO Maker has emerged as a trusted name in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world for providing the industries with:

  • Advanced technological products
  • Fundraising solutions
  • Strategy consultation

This project’s target audience includes startups serving in the evolving blockchain culture around the world, and DAO Maker is helping this audience with its plethora of solutions that have got everything needed for a successful launch and impression.

Have a look at the DAO Maker universe to understand further:

Social Mining Community Services: To help a tokenized project set token-based rewards and incentives for community members who provide value to the project. Social Mining is no less than a mission that has reached very close to its objective of creating organized but decentralized labor markets for promising projects.

Social Mining shall be divided into three product options.

  • Express: It will be available for small-cap tokens under a permissionless launch.
  • Atlas: It will be available to permissioned tokens under a subscription-based model.
  • dTeams: A new form of the technology, available to early-stage equity-funded projects under a permissioned and subscription-based model.

SHO Fundraising Model: Technology-driven and a simplified fundraising service that uses assessment parameters and chain analysis to navigate which allocation application or team is finest for a project.

However, the SHO fundraising model has been updated to rSHO (refundable Strong Holder Offering). The addition of a refund policy in the SHO ensures that only promising projects proceed for application because a poor-performing team would have to process refunds if a failure happens.

DYCO Fundraising Model: A token sale mechanism where the utility tokens are backed by USD. A couple of factors that make the DYCO fundraising model reliable includes open exposure to the high-side potential of an ICO and down-side protection through refunds.

Seed Funding: DAO Maker helps the startups to get access to initial seed funding with its extensive community of investors and venture capitalists.

DAO Maker’s Projects

In the introduction, we quoted that DAO Maker could be the next Unicorn. It is because there are numerous projects in the hat of DAO Maker:

  • Orion Protocol
  • Avalanche
  • Harmony
  • Injective Protocol
  • Ferrum Network
  • AnRKey X
  • PlotX
  • DeFiner


As said in the introduction earlier, DAO Maker is a blockchain project built on top of Ethereum and has a native cryptocurrency issued for the public known as DAO. As of now, it has sophisticated tokenomics with all the products tied to it, as shown in the infographic below:

Tokenomics DAO Maker - CoinGyan
Source- DAO Maker

The DAO Maker’s native token DAO has been issued recently as of 9th February 2021, and notable exchanges have already adopted it like Kucoin and Gate.

DAO Pad and DAO Power

DAO Maker has recently announced the alpha version of DAO Pad which has already gone live and has started allowing the users to sign up for the new account and process the KYC and AML needs on DAO Maker itself. The submission of KYC and AML documents is important so that the regulatory requirements can be enforced. To ensure compliance with the top industry standards, DAO Maker has partnered with Persona and InReg.com.

DAO Power is another feature that has also been recently released to solve a problem. DAO Maker was receiving a lot of user feedback on the low probability of winning the SHO and how a few single individuals keep on winning the multiple SHOs. After analyzing these queries, DAO came up with a solution known as DAO Power, built to ensure a fairer distribution of SHO participation winners. Under this new plan, both DAO stakers and LP shall receive DAO Maker that can be used to register to startup on DAO Maker.

If a user happens to win the SHO they register to, their DAO power shall be fully exhausted but will be restored automatically after fifteen days. In this way, a wider distribution of winners for all the projects on DAO Maker shall be ensured and improve the winning probability for every user.


Founded in the year 2017 by Christoph Zaknun, DAO Maker’s progress has covered a long way. The founder always had a keen interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technologies and built ICO DOG, which is a platform to attract investments in cryptocurrency projects pre-sale round. In the year 2018, the team at DAO Maker released an exclusive social mining platform for the LTO Network project. Now, fast forward to the year 2021, the project has gained multiple clients subscribing to its core services.

Here is the roadmap for the year 2021 –

DAO Maker Roadmap - CoinGyan


Top Reasons to Invest in DAO

Have you ever wondered what makes an investment promising? It is never a single reason but multiple factors that play together to decide an asset’s fate. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons why you should invest in DAO:

Market Valuation

DAO Maker has covered a long distance in a very short time as far as market valuation goes. The project was founded in the year 2017, and after three years, it has just touched the market capitalization value of $132 million and I believe it should be a unicorn at least. So there is huge upside potential.

Competent Workforce

The workforce at DAO Maker consists of people having a rich experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The incredible team at DAO Maker’s has helped the project to scale new heights.

Power to Climb Immense Value

I believe DAO could reach a value of anywhere between $30 to $40 at the end of this year, which is huge for new crypto in the park.

Safe and Secure

The project’s architecture is sustainable and is built on top of reliable technology and architecture.

Strong Clientele Base

DAO Maker has managed to build and sustain healthy relationships with one of the industry’s best names. A few of the clients include Elrond Network, Injective Protocol, Harmony, LTO Network, etc.

Impeccable Track Record

DAO Maker has an impeccable track record because the people behind this project care for the users’ needs. DAO Maker constantly updates its services based on what the target users expect from the project. DAO Power is the best example to support this statement.

Future Roadmap

As discussed earlier, the future roadmap of DAO Maker is very promising. There are many plans and milestones on the bucket list of this project which again makes DAO a reliable investment choice for the investors.


DAO Maker has great potential because of certain gaps that it has been able to fill. The team at this project’s offices contains cryptocurrency specialists having vast experience and understanding of the blockchain ecosystem. Also, DAO Maker has successfully built a large community worldwide to help the business model and community for mutual benefit.

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